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Meet The Sampl.01 Winemakers

Meet The Sampl.01 Winemakers

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It takes a village to create great wine.

We had the chance to sit down with the dedicated people who created the wine sent to your door and asked them questions about their wine, their lives, and their involvement in Sampl.

Here’s what they had to say...

Behind the Scenes

Winemaking is a complex process that involves many variables, and this is a peak behind the scenes at how our winemakers accomplish that feat.

Tell us the connection you have to your terrior.

“I have been there for more than half my life - 28 years now. my oldest son and my husband are both the farmers and they do everything. They take it from bear land, plant the grapes, harvest the grapes, and then Kira, who's my assistant, and I even sometimes pick up the grapes in the big trucks and take 'em to the winery. So all of the grapes have been literally hand touched by the whole family from start to finish.”

Amy Chenoweth
winemaker, Chenoweth Wines

Why are you passionate about sharing your winemaking process?

“The winemaking process I have evolved is quite different than others' in the area as I have been solo in my own facility for decades and tend to think originally and outside the box. I tend to have a much longer time in tank on skins, in barrel and in bottle for a given variety. I tend to press all day long and do tasting trials to determine how deeply to press the skins for reds. And I also tend to leave the wines in barrel on lees undisturbed for their entire sojourn right up until bottling. All these deviations have their reasons. They are not done in isolation and I feel it is important to explain that.”

Fred Scherrer
winemaker, Scherrer Winery

The Important Things In Life

Wine tells a story. All of our winemakers have values they hope to share through their work.

What’s the story behind the art for your 2021 Sonoma Coast Rosé?

“Yellena James is the artist and she has been creating intricate, organic, almost hypnotic and explosively colorful worlds for years now. That label art in particular just seemed to be a perfect match for our bright, deep, electric pink rosé.” 

Kent Humphrey
winemaker, Eric Kent Wine


How does your wine bring people together?

“We offer a casual, laid back experience, reminiscent of the early days.  We are accessible, ‘no fuss’ and service/experience first oriented.  This brings others to us and together by letting the friendships and relationships take center stage around our wine offering.  If you are enjoying one another and the vibe, chances are you will enjoy the wine that much more.  Our customers love to share with their friends!”

Paul Giusto
winemaker, Highway 12 Winery


How does the influence of family from being a fifth-generation winegrower play into creating not just a bottle but a wine you’re truly proud to share?

“With five generations of our family growing grapes and making wine in Sonoma County since the 1880’s, we have an abundance of prime sites to pull our fruit from. The Pinot Gris 'Orange Wine' is from Morning Sun Vineyard in Bennett Valley, owned and farmed by my Uncle, Keith Kunde. The quality and location of the vineyard is the primary element in making premium wines and I’m grateful and proud to be continuing the tradition here in Sonoma County.”

Ryan Kunde
winemaker, DRNK Wines

Food Pairing

Food and wine go together like bread and butter. Here’s what our winemakers would pair with their wine.

What kind of Cajun, New Orleans-style dish would you pair with your 2019 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay?

“Crawfish Étouffée or Shrimp Creole. It pairs perfectly with the big flavors in both and compliments the richness of the shellfish.” 

Ryan Prichard
winemaker, Flambeaux Wine

What nostalgic dish would you make using your produce to pair with your 2019 Red Blend?

“My grandma use to make a stunning southern French « Veau aux olives » or veal (which can be substituted with beef) stew in a tomato, garlic, and black olives sauce with plenty of Provençal herbs. Perfect dish for this Rhône blend!” 

Sébastien Pochan
winemaker, Front Porch Farm