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Cheers to not knowing what you want. Yet.

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We created Sampl so you could discover seven of California’s best wines, one glass at a time. Sampl is designed to share, but you don’t have to.

A new wine discovery experience

Try seven glasses of premium, small-production wines without committing to seven bottles. Each tasting capsule comes with seven 100ml glasses of curated California wine, a smart coaster and our digital tasting experience to guide you through each glass.

  • Seven glasses of wine in each capsule
  • Taste $400 worth of wine, for $65
  • The perfect tasting experience for two
  • Detailed information about winemakers and AVA
  • Upgrade your favorite wines to full bottles
Sampl.01 Tasting Capsule

Sampl.01 Tasting Capsule

  • 7 Sonoma wines
  • $65
  • Free shipping

You have great taste, but maybe not the time to go wine tasting every weekend. With Sampl, you can taste some of California's top wines from wherever you are.


‘23 limited release 420 capsules remaining


  • No more half empty bottles! Sampl is by far the best way to try premium small production wines for a fraction of the price. I’ve opened so many great tasting bottles of wine without actually finishing them and this solves that for me. Could not be happier with this new tasting kit!


  • My Christmas shopping list just became a one stop shop! As soon as we opened that box we knew we were giving these to all our friends. The packaging is so well done that we don’t even need to wrap them.


  • I personally am not a huge fan of subscriptions but Sampl has really changed that for me. Not only does this eliminate all the confusion of picking from the never ending wall of wine in the grocery store, but I’m able to try a wine, find out if I actually like it and then have a bottle of my favorites shipped straight to my door at the click of a button!


  • Truly a game changer for me to be able to taste wines from some of my favorite regions at home, or anywhere.


The ultimate gift

With seven glasses of wine in each tasting capsule, the special person in your life is certain to find something new they love.

  • Seven glasses in each capsule
  • Featuring small-production wines from Sonoma
  • Learn about the wines with our smart coaster

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